A colourful collage of pop culture, classic film, online and musical references, Going Ape from Nikopicto directors Nicolas Lesaffre and Charles Blanchard, pictures a world in which our hairy genetic cousins have fully embraced the smartphone and all the questionable behaviours that go along with it.

short movie produced by Nikopicto, 
directed by Nicolas Lesaffre and Charles Blanchard. 
20 selections in international animation festival all around the world.

Each shot were based on many different references from famous youtube video such as "afroninja" to video games "pokemon, minecraft", 80ies tv series "The A-team", Heavy metal band "Kiss",   VR AR technologie, politics, and feature movies such as "the great escape", "2001 a space odyssey" and many others.... Enjoy !!!

With scenery from Los Angeles to Hong Kong, monkeys finally have access to smartphone and social media, are they Going Ape ?
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